Eddy Yokoyama: Our goal is to innovate in the leasing market
Eddy Yokoyama: Our goal is to innovate in the leasing market

Eddy Yokoyama: Our goal is to innovate in the leasing market

More than 26 years ago we started operations with mining companies, one of the most demanding sectors in terms of quality, operability and safety. We have the necessary know-how to expand into different economic sectors and currently the team of experts at MB Renting seeks to innovate in the renting market and to be a strategic partner towards digital transformation.

We talked to Eddy Yokoyama, our COO, who has worked for more than 20 years in the Mitsui & Co. group, leading truck, forklift and operational leasing divisions for various economic sectors. In this article he tells us about the work at MB Renting and the culture that is being formed to achieve our objectives in the short, medium and long term.

Our leasing services are designed under the pillars of Innovation and Digital Transformation

“The leasing business is all about providing solutions to the customer to free them from worries and the digital world gives us the facility to anticipate any need that may arise”

Eddy points out that each company is a different case and, in order to maintain quality standards and provide a differentiated service, we need the team to be committed to MB Renting and its clients. This is because we have to design different solutions and this requires a lot of teamwork with our clients, research and analysis.

“We are constantly working on forming an organizational culture where values such as commitment, responsibility and innovation are fostered”

It is important to optimize processes to improve the customer experience: We work with KAIZEN (Continuous Improvement) methodology and effective communication to correctly address requirements. Thanks to these actions, to date we maintain a high rate of operability in all our operations and we are growing in the market.

MB Renting - Eddy Yokoyama - COO

MB Renting seeks to diversify its portfolio of services and therefore we have an innovation laboratory whose mission is to bring new mobility solutions to the market and develop projects that complement our current services to improve the experience of contract managers, supervisors and drivers.

We have strategic alliances that provide us with the necessary technology to design integral solutions that help our clients to have a better control of each unit, and a more detailed follow-up of their users and consumption. We cannot manage what we cannot measure and it is necessary to offer different means so that our clients’ decision making is more accurate.

Since we became MB Renting at the end of 2019, we have not stopped facing challenges, especially because of the pandemic and the political context, which has affected most of us. Despite everything, our fleets continue to move forward and we owe that to the trusting relationships we have formed with each of our customers.

More than a supplier, our goal is to be a strategic partner that identifies needs and develops new mobilty solutions to provide tailored service with innovation and technology.